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The Best Guaranteed Investment That Withstands The Market Ups & Downs! Part 2

With all these inevitable risks, coupled with the current market condition, it more than ever essential to turn to guarantees and other advantages designed to promote peace of mind. Segregated Fund contracts can be an integral component of a diversified portfolio to ensure that your aspirations and goals for you and your loved ones are […]

The Best Guaranteed Investment That Withstands The Market Ups & Downs.

Everyone would all like higher returns on their investments, but few are willing to assume the higher risk usually associated with higher returns. We are aware the markets move up and down, and likewise, we should learn how to factor in the downturn of the market. Unfortunately, volatility is a 2-way street. People feel confident […]

‘Tis the season for tax-loss selling

As the year-end approaches, many investors with taxable accounts may be seeking to dispose of securities that have lost money, especially during Sept – Oct. The strategy of tax-loss selling allows the investor to claim a capital loss, which offsets capital gains for the current year. Any unused net capital losses can then be applied […]