Business Survival & Succession – starts with Protecting Your Key Persons!

When you own a business, it becomes part of your legacy and part of your family. So, I guess it’s not surprising that most business owners have protection plans to secure their family and their enterprise.

In running a successful business, you’re always taking on risks to make your dreams or ideas tangible and transformational. And also the ongoing risks to taking your business or practice to the next pedigree. Failing to foresee and plan for some these intrinsic business risks may be your demise in times of uncertainties. The greatest threat to your long-term success or legacy, I believe is at “You” – Your Ingenuity, Talent, Creativity and Excellent Health and perhaps, those of your employees. Thanks to medical advancements, we are able to survive most catastrophic situations, but the financial toll could bring your dreams crashing, whilst recuperating.

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